Robert Howell

Hi, My name is Robert Howell and pancaketreet.com is my blog.

I am the director of an arts company based in Blackburn, Lancashire,  UK, called Culturapedia. I will soon be moving to Rotterdam for two years to do an MA in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In this blog I will chart my progress of being an Ex-pat in Rotterdam, Buying a flat, (on Pancake Street),  and the cultural and creative things that I find in this exciting city. I am still at my desk in Lancashire so it might be a bit slow starting. Watch this space

3 thoughts on “Robert Howell

  1. alan birch

    Hi robert
    Interesting blog. Stumbled on it by chance. Took me back as I lived in Rotterdam for 3 years in 1984., even studied Dutch for a year. Its a great place to live. Enjoy the experience and good luck.

    1. Robert Post author

      Thanks Alan. I’m excited and a bit nervous. It’s good to hear of others with positive experiences.

  2. Melissa

    Ive been reading your blog thanks to googling pancake street! I recently moved to Rotterdam in July and its been crazy ever since! Would be great to bump into a fellow expat!


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